Ball Boy Gets So Hot Under The Collar For Women’s Tennis That He Faints During Venus Williams Match

I’m sure somewhere there’s a rule about how sexist it is to watch women’s sports just because the girls are hot, but I’ve never read it so, to me, it doesn’t exist. Which is why I totally see where this ball boy is coming from. Guy’s standing on hot clay watching athletic women run around in cutoffs and short skirts. And for all of you who don’t think the two competitors (Venus Williams and Coco Vandeweghe) are that hot, the kid is a youngin’. Remember your sexual prowess at his age? A low-cut dress earned your young mind a one-way ticket to Nasty Town.

Hence why A (standing in the heat) + B (having internal body temperature raise due to being sexually aroused) = C (fainting) for our ball-boy friend.

I gotta say, he goes down like he was hit by a sniper. I’ve haven’t seen people emerge highway car crashes looking less dazed and confused than he does. And how about those announcers. “It looks like his work is done for the day?” What gave that away? The fact that it took three people to carry the kid off the court? Or the fact that he fell forward like a tree that just got cut down? What do we think Venus’s reaction to this was? Do we think she hopes that he’s ok or do we think that she’s furious that the organizers didn’t vet the ball-boys better to determine whether or not they’ll pass out from a mixture of heightened hormones and heat stroke?