The Ballsiest Places To Watch This Year’s College Hoops Tournament

by 3 years ago
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Alas! March is upon us, bros. And I trust you all know what that means. Madness. Complete and utter insanity. Lots of it.

Brackets, office pools, excuses to day drink if you’re not old enough for office pools, degenerate gambling even if you’re not a gambler, upsets, blowouts, monster throwdowns, buzzer beaters, and eventually, some twine cut from a hoop and a pretty nice plaque being raised into the air on national television.

That’s right, I’m talking about the spectacle that is set to take over our collective lives come tonight, that little college hoops tournament that’s going on. For twenty-two days, college basketball will be at the center of the sports world. Game after game after glorious game, all for our viewing pleasure.

And because this is 2016, the good news is that you can watch them all literally anywhere. All 67 games. Need to catch each of the four 16 seeds playing the No. 1’s, just in case the improbable happens? Maybe your alma mater is in action, but you’ve got to be on the road that day? Well, I’ve got an awesome and simple solution for you, and it’s called the Slingbox 500.

Literally, you can use a Slingbox to watch every game, live, in its glory ANYWHERE YOU PLEASE. Anywhere.

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