Baltimore Restaurant Offering Free Pizza, Charity Donation For Ray Rice Jerseys

The positive side of when bad things happen such as in the Ray Rice case is that it sparks discussion and moves people to do good things that they otherwise wouldn’t have thought of doing prior to the negative events. Such is the case with Hersh’s Pizza in Federal Hill, Maryland.

According to ABC 2 in Baltimore, Hersh’s Pizza is now offering free pizza to anyone who turns in their Ray Rice jersey at their restaurant. And that’s nice, but what they plan to do in addition to that is the kind of stuff I was referring to above.

This was posted to their Facebook page, even before Rice was indefinitely suspended by the NFL…

“Dear Lovers of Women, Not Hitting Women, Non Violence and Just Generally Being a Good Person, Come trade your Ray Rice Ravens Jersey in for a free pizza at Hersh’s. These jerseys will save us money on toilet paper this week.”

But wait, there’s more…

Later, Hersh’s announced that they would also donate $2.70, based on Rice’s jersey #27, to the House of Ruth for every jersey it received and are taking suggestions as for what they should so with all the jerseys they receive, “since there are only so many we can use for toilet paper.”

Ray Rice image by Ovidiu Hrubaru/Shutterstock; GIF: The Sourpuss