Here Are The Specialty Sandwiches For Clemson And Bama Fans At The National Championship Game

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bama burger tiger paw

Can I tell you something? I love a good sandwich. I don’t care if it’s a burger or a french dip or even a fucking PB & J, I am a sandwich guy through and through. And when I eat sandwiches — especially big ones that are piled high, full of fixin’s — I want to take a Guy Fieri, Diners Drive-Ins and Dives-sized bite. The kind of bite that makes onlookers stop and say, “Jesus Christ almighty, look at this fucking slob.” Yeah, look right at me, you motherfucker, I’M LIVIN’ BABY!

I say all this because as I sit and stare at the two sandwiches before you — the Tiger Paw and Bama Burger, which will be served at the National Championship Game — all those primal urges are hitting me. I want to eat both of these sandwiches. And I want to do it six at a time. Probably because I have been on my New Year’s diet for about five days now and it already feels like I haven’t eaten something tasty in a decade. At this point, portion control is not an option.

Now that my issues are front and center, let’s dive into the details of these sandos.

Via Aramark

Tiger Paw – Clemson University – Golden Carolina pork on a bed of pickled green tomato relish, topped with ‘Clemson blue cheese’ slaw. (section 108 food portable on the West 100 level)


‘Bama Burger – University of Alabama – 1/3 lb Angus beef patty on pimento spread, topped with pulled pork and fried pickles. (section 132 food portable on the East 100 level)


Choosing between these two is a tough decision. So I’d probably buy them both, take the top bun off the Bama Burger, stack the Tiger Paw right on top of it, and be a real embarrassment to my loved ones.


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