You Won’t Believe Who Barry Bonds Thinks Would Win The Home Run Derby


Say what you will about longtime MLB slugger Barry Bonds, but the guy knows two things very well, baseball and blasting homers, as he finished his career with more dongs than anyone in MLB history—of course, that record may be tainted.

But when the long ball king was asked who he thinks would win the Home Run Derby, he gave one of the most questionable replies—Ichiro Suzuki.

Per NBC Sports:

“I think he’d win. Easy. Hands down. That’s just his style. He likes to get the bat head through the zone. He likes that comfort zone. That’s how he plans himself and he knows — there’s very rare hitters that know what they want to do and he’s one of those guys who knows exactly what he’s doing.”

Uh, are you drunk Barry? This is the same Ichiro who has belted just 113 homers in his 16-year career?

Bonds did try to back his argument by saying Suzuki blasts homers in batting practice, but, doesn’t everybody?

“He hits more home runs than anyone in batting practice. Every day. I told him, I had a talk with him the other day. I said, ‘You gotta stop hitting all these home runs.’ He says, ‘Why?’ I said, ‘Because you’re wasting them in practice. We want you to hit a home run in a game.’ I think he hits all his home runs in batting practice so he can get all his hits [in games].”

With Barry Bonds the current hitting coach on the Miami Marlins and Ichiro Suzuki playing for the Miami Marlins, this seems like a classic case of some serious homerism.

[H/T NBC Sports]