Baseball Player Gets Hit By The Ball THREE Times Around The Bases, This Has To Be A Record

baseball player hit by ball


Getting hit by a baseball just once while rounding the bases is uncommon. Sure, at some point every player in baseball gets hit by the ball, many times over, but it’s still not a common occurrence. Getting hit by the baseball twice around the bases is virtually unheard of. And I can’t recall a single instance, until now, of a player getting hit with the ball three times.

During last night’s Cubs vs. Cardinals game, Stephen Piscotty got hit in each of his elbows and his head while rounding the bases:

I’m sure this hurt, but don’t feel too badly for his misfortune because he did score a run, the only run scored by the St. Louis Cardinals in last night’s 2-1 loss to the defending World Series champions.

This article could end here and we’d be fine, but some genius added a ‘Scott Sterling’ soundtrack to this video and suddenly it becomes one of the best clips I’ve ever seen. If you’ve never seen the original Scott Sterling video, you need to watch that ASAP because it’s one of the best videos on YouTube. I highly suggest giving it a gander with the soccer announcers:

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