What Does This Sign Have To Do With Baseball? You’ll Probably Never Figure It Out But The Guesses Are Hilarious

A guy has been staring at this sign for a week and couldn’t figure out the situation. So he posted it on Reddit.

Naturally, someone figured it out, but before we get to the answer here are some of the best guesses that were wrong but fucking hilarious.

  • Better than my guess of “Clock Whiskey-Tit Shitter”
  • “This game has turned in to an old fashioned Clock Whiskey-Tit Shitter here in the bottom of the eighth and I am about to pass out because I mixed my brain pills with my Jack Daniels.” – Harry Carey, 1988
  • Uhh clockshot titshitter?
  • The game got over at 3:55…you were drunk..screwed a stripper then puked your guts out
  • I got up to bottom of the fifth, and then started feverishly jacking it to the titty.
  • Are you sure it’s not “Time to drink titty diarrhea?”

All so close, but not quite. The answer is 5-4, bottom of the 5th, one out, nobody on.

[via Reddit]

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