Baylor Logically Retires Floyd Casey Stadium By Blowing It To Hell

At least we can finally stop arguing who to crown as Hardo of the Month because Baylor University just won that one in spades. Granted, Baylor was in the running last May after they had a bench clearing brawl in Texas but that was mostly because a bunch of Texas players had some NFL level helmet-tossing and shadow-boxing, so Baylor kind of got out-Hardo’ed.

It seems like Baylor is still a bit bummed out concerning that loss because they just upped the ante to 11 by deciding to forgo the classic wrecking ball approach and instead blow it off the map with dynamite.

While the approach is a bit bold, the destruction of the stadium was really just a matter of time. Baylor celebrated their 2013 Big 12 Championship by moving the program to a $260 million complex. And we all know that abandoned stadiums aren’t good for much besides becoming an open-air smoke den for the local potheads. After 60+ years of history, however, one would think that maybe people would have shown a bit more respect to it than blowing the legs off of it and sending it straight to hell. Personally, I would have liked to have seen some of sort dedication where every player who ever played there got a piece of the field or a brick from the walls or something along those lines. Everyone loves ceremonial dead grass/crumbling mortar. Despite being a tad ridiculous, I do sincerely hope this opens the door for more colleges to start blowing up buildings they don’t want anymore. Old basketball stadium? Blow it. Old science building? Blow it with chemicals. Old library? Blow it and then have a book burning.