People Just Noticed That Baylor Football’s Strength And Conditioning Coach Is An Absolute Unit

Baylor Football

Getty Image / Jeffrey Vest/Icon Sportswire

There’s a tweet making the rounds of Baylor Football’s Director of Athletic Performance aka ‘Strength and Conditioning Coach’ Corey Campbell. You’d think that people wouldn’t be surprised to learn that a man whose literal job is to ensure the players reach peak performance is also jacked as hell himself but the surprise is genuine.

Corey played four seasons for the Georgia Bulldogs as a Fullback and on Special Teams (2010-2013) which is just another reason people shouldn’t be floored to learn the herculean man looks like he was created in a laboratory. But here we are. One question a lot of people have, myself included, is why the shit is he wearing both an Apple Watch and a Whoop. I know the Whoop has more functionality than a lot of other fitness trackers on the market but my dude, why?

First up. Here’s the man who was Baylor Football‘s athletics performance coach from 2017-2019 and who was recently promoted to Director of Athletic Performance – Football in January 2020. It’s okay if seeing this makes you feel small because man is an absolute unit.

The reactions are spot-on:

For what it’s worth, those brands are from the Omega Psi Phi Fraternity and not some marking left in the laboratory where he was forged out of the same Adamantium metal that Wolverine’s bones are made from.

People, myself included, are also quite surprised by his choice of wearing two fitness watches. It’s 2020, can’t we find one that’ll do the trick?

We’ve spent several college football seasons talking about the mustache on Oregon’s Strength and Conditioning Coach so it’s nice to shift the focus a little bit. It remains to be seen if this man’s going sleeveless on the sidelines next season but it’ll be fucking great if he does.

You can find him on Twitter at @CoachCampbell46 if you’re interested in doing so. Baylor finished the 2019 College Football season ranked 13rd in the AP Top 25 and 12th in the Coaches Poll.