Bears WR Chase Claypool Fights S Eddie Jackson At Practice And GM Ryan Poles Had To Break It Up

Chase Claypool

Michael Reaves/Getty Image

Tensions flared on the practice field today as Chicago Bears wide receiver Chase Claypool and Pro-Bowl safety Eddie Jackson engaged in a heated exchange during training.

The altercation reached a boiling point when General Manager Ryan Poles intervened to defuse the situation.

The incident occurred when Jackson delivered a forceful hit on Claypool, causing him to go out of bounds. Unpleased with the intensity of the hit, Claypool retaliated by grabbing Jackson’s helmet.

Jackson’s helmet got pulled off and thrown to the ground during the scuffle.

Witnesses on the scene reported that the confrontation escalated quickly, with both players exchanging heated words and gestures before GM Ryan Poles intervened.

Stepping in between Claypool and Jackson, Poles managed to talk to the two players and restore order on the practice field.



It was over pretty quickly but altercation between Claypool and Jackson serves as a reminder of the high intensity of Training Camp in the NFL.