Bears Kicker Cairo Santos Has To Prepare For The NFL Season In The Most Bonkers Way Possible

The Bonkers Way Bears Kicker Cairo Santos Prepares For The Season

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The Chicago Bears have been in a rough patch lately but the franchise is hopeful to turn things around soon. With Justin Fields under center, the front office must find a way to continue upgrading the roster. Additionally, it sounds like it’s time for ownership to upgrade Soldier Field, as the Bears kicker Cairo Santos has to prepare for the NFL season in the most bonkers way possible.

Bears Kicker Cairo Santos Purposely Practices On Terribley Maintained Parks

According to the Chicago Sun Times, Soldier Field is so bad that Santos literally seeks out “poorly maintained public parks in Florida to simulate it in the offseason.” That’s a terrible look for the Bears, as players consistently complain about the conditions of the field. Cairo Santos explains the thought process that he and his teammates have when playing at home. “It’s just what we have to deal with. The less of a problem you make it in your mind, it helps you overcome it and just go.”

There have been rumblings of ownership moving the team to a different location within Chicago. However, nothing has come to fruition just yet. Maybe they should consider upgrading the field at least and give their players a better chance to succeed. Regardless, Cairo Santos had to get creative to prepare for the Bears’ 2022 season.

“I was going to a turf field at a high school, which was perfect. It was almost like, ‘OK. I’m getting too comfortable.’ So in my neighborhood, there’s a soccer field and the grass is a Bermuda grass. It’s real long. I was like, ‘OK. This is more like it.'”

With this information now coming to light, maybe Bears fans will stop blaming Cody Parky for missing the 42-yard field goal at Soldier Field back in the 2018 playoffs. Shout out to Cairo Santos for doing what he has to do to prepare for the upcoming NFL season.

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