Think You Can Beat My Fantasy Football Lineup? I Bet You Can’t

All year I’ve been alerting you to the big-time money up for grabs over at DraftKings. And I’ve sat idly by like some idiot while BroBible readers have claimed cash week in and week out.

But no more. This week I’m joining the fun and throwing down a serious challenge by taking part in the $100,000 Play Action Contest.

Any new depositor who beats my score will receive free entry into next week’s $250,000 NFL Contest in addition to any other prizes. Plus, you’ll be able to tell me how little I know about the NFL, which sounds fun.

It costs a measly $2 to enter and the top player will earn $10,000. That’s right, $10,000 for drafting a one-week fantasy football dream. Talk about the American Dream.

So drop everything and sign up now.

I’ll see you back here on Monday to gloat.




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