This Chart Of Beer Prices In Every NFL Stadium Proves Drinking At Games Is A Rip-Off



Going to an NFL game isn’t cheap. It hasn’t been cheap for decades. After the ticket cost, parking, tailgate food and other random charges, it’s possible to be dead broke before kickoff.

If only you saved a couple shekels for some beers. In some NFL stadiums you’ll need a lot more than just  shekels. You might need a pound of flesh.

The average cost for a small draft beer at NFL games this season is $7.53, according to data collected by Team Marketing Report from each team. That’s up from $7.05 in 2013.

The cheapest stadium to get a beer is in St. Louis. Lord knows that fanbase needs something to celebrate. The most expensive beer per ounce is in Philly. Lord knows that fanbase doesn’t need any more reason to be obnoxious so let’s keep the prices as high as possible.

Here’s a chart of the most expensive brews in the NFL.

NFL Beer Prices

Business Insider

H/T Business Insider

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