NFL Fans Laugh After Bill Belichick’s Unique Challenge Flag Throw

Bill Belichick

Getty Image / Maddie Meyer

Bill Belichick is one of the most unintentionally funny people in sports. The six-time Super Bowl champion and longest serving active NFL coach had fans chuckling during Sunday Night Football after a unique challenge flag hiding spot and throw.

The play came in the third quarter of the New England Patriots’ matchup against the Miami Dolphins. Belichick was unhappy with the spot on a 3rd and short play, and felt like he needed to challenge. Hilarity ensued.

First, he takes it out of his sock, naturally.

Then, he Gronk spiked it right in front of the referee.

Sadly, he lost the challenge. And, eventually, the Patriots lost the game, 24-17, on a controversial spot of the ball that was overturned on review. Take a look.

It’s the first 0-2 start in New England since before Tom Brady’s first start in 2001.

Still, people loved the Belichick challenge spike.

Bill Belichick will look to avoid an 0-3 start when they go on the road to face the New York Jets next Sunday.