Ben Affleck Deserves An Oscar For His Slurring Rant About Deflategate On Bill Simmons New HBO Show

Tonight was the first episode of Bill Simmons’ new HBO talk show, Any Given Wednesday. It had almost everything you’d expect from a Bill Simmons show: Rants from The Sports Guy about LeBron’s performance in Game 7. Charles Barkley fondly waxing about being fined over a half million dollars by the NBA. And, of course, a Boston guy: Ben Affleck, a man who is incredibly outspoken about Roger Goodell’s suspension of Tom Brady over the on-going Deflategate saga.

Affleck, a lifelong Patriots fan, completely leans in on Brady’s suspension: “It’s the ultimate bullshit fucking outrage of sports….” Twitter was quick to say that Affleck was slurring:

Maybe that’s just his chowdaaahhhhhy Masshole accent coming out?

Anyway, you have to watch Affleck’s heated rant above. If Bill Affleck showed this much passion and enthusiasm in his role as Batman, he’d win another damn Oscar.

WATCH: What you need to know about Bill Simmons new show…

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