Giants New Coach Ben McAdoo Wears Andre The Giant’s Old Suit To Intro Press Conference

The New York Giants formally introduced Ben McAdoo to the media today and the new head coach chose his best worst formal wear in honor of the special occasion.

My god, just look at that thing. Bad angle? No, Ben was not the victim of a poor camera angle that sent Twitter into a wild tap dance. It’s simply a bad suit. A very bad, oversized suit.

Ben McAdoo giant suit

If McAdoo had stood to the side of the podium with him arms straight, I’m quite certain the sleeves would’ve tickled his toes.

Over the years I’ve made a point of mocking and occasionally praising the fashion choices of various sports personalities and I haven’t seen anything so tragically oversized since Tony Romo accidentally wore one of his linemen’s jackets.

Tony Romo giant jacket

The look of guilt on Romo’s face tells you the entire story. The poor guy knew he screwed up.

Additionally, credit must be awarded to Rich Eisen for perfectly summarizing everyone’s timeline.

The positive? The only direction for McAdoo to go from here, is up. At least I hope that’s the case.

The negative? He has to go shopping. TOMORROW. Under the great supervision of a seasoned chaperone.

[H/T, @JimmyTraina]

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