ESPN Analyst’s 2016 Scouting Report On Ben Simmons Questioning His ‘Lack Of Competitiveness ‘ And Character Turned Out To Be Incredibly Accurate

Ben Simmons

ESPN draft analyst Jonathon Givony is very good at his job.

Back in 2016, Givony scouted Simmons and questioned Simmons’ “lack of competitiveness” and character. According to Givony, people at the time were saying that Simmons needed things to “revolve around him” and is often “close-minded to coaching” which seems to be an incredibly accurate description of what is going on between the disgruntled star and the Sixers today.

Despite all the recent drama, Givony doesn’t blame the Sixers for drafting Simmons but does blame the team for not holding him accountable throughout the years.

“I don’t blame them for drafting him, I blame them for not holding him accountable once he got there, never forcing him to shoot and never putting him on the bench by acting the way he did, like a primadonna, that’s what I blame them more for, more than actually drafting him.”

It’s currently unclear when Simmons is going to play for the Sixers this season after he returned to the team following a brief holdout. Earlier this week, Simmons was suspended for the team’s first game of the season for refusing to participate in practice and today he came and left without taking in part in a scheduled workout.