Presumptive NBA #1 Draft Pick Ben Simmons Ate The Best Cheesesteak In Philadelphia Last Night

Tomorrow I plan on showing up to work rocking my finest Philadelphia 76ers snapback. It’s a big day for the City Of Brotherly Love. After Sam Hinkie stepped down from GMing the 76ers, tomorrow night they finally get the first overall pick in the draft, which means that LSU stud Ben Simmons is probably going to be shopping for real estate in Philadelphia very, very soon.

Last night on Jimmy Fallon, presumptive No. 1 pick Ben Simmons sat down with Jimmy to talk about the $20 million deal he signed with Nike, along with some pretty heavy indication on where he’s going. The dudes from The Roots brought him the best cheesesteak in Philadelphia from Dalessandro’s in Roxborough. A cheesesteak from Dalessandro’s and an ice cold Yards are about as good of an intro to Philly as it gets.

Gotta give credit where credit is due for getting Dalessandro’s on national TV: Rather than giving Simmons a hot garbage tourist cheesesteak from Pat’s, Geno’s, or Jim’s, The Roots treated him to the real deal. The Dalessandro’s steak isn’t easy to get to, but it’s freakin’ truth on a bun.

I dare you to tell me where there’s a better steak sandwich in the 215. You can’t. Nothing tops Dalessandro’s.

Welcome to Philly, Simmons. Don’t fuck up and we won’t throw snowballs at you.