Ben Simmons’ Ex-Girlfriend Tinashe Was Spotted Clubbing With Donovan Mitchell Last Night

Donovan Mitchell’s feud with Ben Simmons might be taking another petty turn. Last night, Simmons’ ex-girlfriend, Tinashe, who he recently dumped to hook up with Kendall Jenner, was spotted at the same club talking to Mitchell by TMZ last night.


We spotted Tinashe — looking insanely hot, BTW — leaving Chateau Marmont Wednesday night and making her way to Warwick … the same Hollywood club where Ben Simmons’ rookie rival, Donovan Mitchell, was partying.

Our photog insists he saw Tinashe talking with Mitchell at Warwick … but when we talked to the singer on the way out, she laughed at the insinuation she was shooting her shot.

In fact, Mitchell left the club a short time later — with so many hot young ladies in his car he couldn’t even fit ’em all in — and made two chicks hit the pavement!

TMZ went on to share a brief interview with Tinashe as she left the club and she goes on to deny that she even knew that Mitchell was in the club which is obvious b.s. considering she was seen talking to him by the photog.

Tinashe’s encounter with Mitchell at the club came just a few hours after her brother slammed Simmon Twitter with this Donovan Mitchell diss

Donovan Mitchell truly deserves rookie of the year.

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