Bengals RB Joe Mixon To Avoid Specific Sports Media Outlets, Calls Them ‘Disrespectful’

Bengals RB Joe Mixon

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Cincinnati Bengals running back Joe Mixon is reportedly refusing to talk about his aggravated menacing case he was recently found not guilty of.

As a result, he claims he will be avoiding certain sports media outlets and even names which companies he refuses to talk to.

According to ESPN’s Ben Baby, the Bengals running back “announced he would be boycotting questions from specific reporters who represent the following outlets: Sports Illustrated, The Cincinnati Enquirer, Pro Football Network and ESPN.”

Joe Mixon was rather short with media members and didn’t provide much information once he called out media outlets, per ESPN.

“‘It’s not happening, Mixon said, citing behavior he deemed disrespectful. When asked to elaborate on how things have been disrespectful, Mixon responded by saying ‘you know how’ as he retreated into the team’s training room.”

It’s been a rocky offseason for Joe Mixon, as his future with the Bengals was in question throughout all while dealing with off-field drama.

Back in April, Mixon was accused of pointing a gun at a woman and claiming he would shoot her. However, in August the Bengals running back was found not guilty.

There was also another incident where a teenager was shot in the foot while playing with Nerf guns. But Joe Mixon is not deemed as a suspect. Even so, he is involved in the lawsuit.

The Bengals are seemingly confident that Joe Mixon will be available this season, as it doesn’t look like the veteran running back will be facing any crimes or other punishments.

With that said, he’s clearly not happy with several sports media outlets about how they reported his situations.

Maybe as time passes he’ll become more open to speaking with the media. But for now, it appears Mixon will be more silent than usual.