Bengals QB Joe Burrow Continues To Miss Practice Even After Pre-Season Ended

Joe Burrow

Dylan Buell/Getty Images

The Bengals are facing growing concerns as star quarterback Joe Burrow remains absent from practice, a worrying absence that has now extended to over 30 days since he strained his right calf.

With the pre-season officially concluded, Burrow’s absence from the field has ignited speculation about the reasons behind his extended downtime.

Jake Browning, the only other quarterback retained on the Bengals’ roster, has become a focal point in the absence of Burrow, implying that the team expects the Pro Bowler to be fit and ready for the upcoming season opener.

Bengals’ head coach Zac Taylor expressed optimism about Burrow’s physical condition, stating, “I think he has a very healthy body, and I’m encouraged by that.”, via ESPN’s Ben Baby.

Nonetheless, the prolonged period of Burrow’s absence has raised questions regarding the possibility of a contractual dispute influencing his absence from practice.

While Coach Taylor emphatically denied any notion of a “hold-in” orchestrated by Burrow, the lack of transparency surrounding both contract negotiations and Burrow’s recovery has only fueled speculations.

With the season opener drawing closer, fans are growing anxious about the franchise quarterback’s readiness to lead the team.