Bengals Players Who Destroyed A Fan’s Phone During Viral TD Celebration Hook Him Up With New Cell

CJ Uzomah Touchdown Phone Smash Accident Celebration new Phone Tickets Bengals Fan


  • A few Bengals players are hooking a fan up with a new phone after accidentally destroying his old one during a touchdown celebration.
  • The celebration made for an incredible viral video and the story behind the fan’s interaction is fantastic.
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During Sunday’s win over the Lions, a few Bengals players accidentally destroyed a fan’s phone. Those players are now trying to make it right and hooking him up with a new phone and some tickets.

Here’s how it all went down:

Already holding a 20-0 lead, Cincinnati found itself inside the 5-yard-line with just under 13 minutes remaining. In an effort to put the game away, Joe Burrow  faked the play-action handoff on 3rd-and-goal and looked to his right.

With nowhere to go, the second-year quarterback dropped back in the pocket, turned to his left and connected with tight end C.J. Uzomah for six. Uzomah got up and walked over to the stands to celebrate.

He found a smattering of Bengals fans in the crowd and went to give them high-fives. As he did, he accidentally knocked Sebastian Day’s phone from his hand.

Take a look:

Well, shortly after the phone hit the turf, running back Joe Mixon swooped in to save the day.

He scooped up the phone, but the damage had already been done. The phone had hairline cracks all over the screen.

However, despite the cracks, the phone still works. Thank goodness it does, because Day was recording the whole thing and it made for one of, if not the best moments of the NFL weekend.

Here is the video:

Obviously, the video went viral. Because it’s awesome.

Uzomah and Mixon both found the video and weighed in on Twitter:

Day told Cincinnati’s local Fox station that Uzomah reached out to him and offered to buy him “the newest smartphone on the market.” He joked that he would rather have tickets to a game than a phone.

As it would turn out, Uzomah, who signed a three year, $18.3 million contract with the Bengals on March 12, 2019, has the money for both. The 28-year-old tight end is hooking Day up with a new phone and tickets to either the Steelers or Browns game.