Bengals WR Says Cincinnati Would’ve Beaten The Chiefs In The Playoffs If He Was Healthy

Tyler Boyd

Getty Image

Veteran Cincinnati Bengals wide receiver Tyler Boyd believes that his team would have emerged victorious in the AFC Championship against the Kansas City Chiefs if he hadn’t been plagued by a thigh injury.

During a candid conversation with ESPN’s Ben Baby, Boyd eloquently articulated his unwavering belief, stating, “Still to this day, I feel like if I would have played the whole game, I was the key factor. We would’ve won the game.”

These confident remarks not only underscore Boyd’s unshakable faith in his own abilities but also demonstrate his acute understanding of the game and its intricate dynamics.

On his limited time on the field, Boyd caught two passes for 40 years. He converted on back-to-back 3rd-and-16 and 2nd-and-10 targets in the second quarter.

Despite his ardent desire to make a comeback and contribute to his team’s valiant efforts, Boyd’s relentless attempts of a solution for his debilitating thigh injury proved to be in vain.

Boyd’s reasoning behind his decision was explained with great candor, as he expressed: “I just felt like we had enough depth for guys like [Trenton Irwin] and other guys to come in and play at a faster pace than what I felt like I could do,”

As Boyd enters the final year of his current contract, he faces both personal and professional milestones. Turning 29 later this year, he stands at a critical juncture in his career, with his future in Cincinnati uncertain.

With promising talents like Tee Higgins soon to command significant contracts and Ja’Marr Chase poised to follow suit, this season may very well mark Boyd’s last opportunity to achieve his ultimate goal of reaching the Super Bowl and securing a championship victory alongside Joe Burrow, his star quarterback.