Here’s A List Of The 10 Best College Football Fan Bases In Case You Felt Like Punching A Computer In Anger Today

College Football Fan Index is a cumulative data-based ranking of America’s most engaged fan bases in 2014. I’m just putting that out front so you know where to focus your anger when either 1) your college doesn’t get named #1 in this poll or 2) if your college isn’t even in the top ten.

If you’re lazy or already seeing spots of red in your eyes from anger, I’ll save you the video watch and give the top ten.

1. Alabama Crimson Tide
2. LSU Tigers
3. Auburn Tigers
4. Ohio State Buckeyes
5. Michigan Wolverines
6. Notre Dame Fighting Irish
7. Texas Longhorns
8. Oklahoma Sooners
9. Nebraska Cornhuskers
10. Penn State Nittany Lions

And the explosion happens in 3, 2, 1….

If your college is in the top ten, go ahead and vote here. The rest of you may toss pipe bombs at will.

H/T USA Today

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