Here’s 22 Minutes Of Nothing But Stone Cold Stunners To Celebrate Austin 3:16 Day BECAUSE STONE COLD SAID SO

Yo bros, kick back, relax and enjoy stunner after stunner after glorious stunner because Stone Cold said so! Oh, and it’s also 3/16, better known as Stone Cold Day, so yeah, might as well crack open a few Steveweisers while you take in all the carnage. BAH GAWD!!!

The most memorable stunner of all-time? Our money is on Shane-O-Mac’s incredible sell during this vintage episode of Raw.

Honorable mentions include the time Stone Cold came out while William Regal was reading Shakespeare solely for the purpose of delivering his finisher.

And this time when the Rattlesnake brought out the famed Budweiser truck to close down the show.

Have a personal favorite? Let us know in the comments! Happy #StoneColdDay, everyone.