Bettor Accidentally Places $250 Bet On Buffalo Sabres Parlay And Wins $10000


Getty Image / Elsa

  • One sports bettor made an incredible mistake last night
  • He bet $250 on a Buffalo Sabres parlay instead of $2.50 and won $10000 when the bet hit
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Anybody who has been betting on sports for an extended period of time can probably look back on their bet history and see quite a few mistakes. They likely won’t find any mistake that looks as good as one better’s mistake looked last night.

A gambler who goes by Oreo Speedwagon on Twitter posted last night about the incredible mistake he made while trying to place a bet on the Buffalo Sabres on Caesars Sportsbook.

The Sabres wound up winning the game by a score of 5-2, but what made this winning bet particularly incredible is the way that the 1st goal was scored.

Okposo managed to score short-handed from outside the blue line to give the Sabres a 1-0 lead.

The man also revealed that he already has some plans for what he’s going to do with his big payout.

It’s a heck of a mistake to make and it’s nice to see that this gambler is going to be enjoying the fruits of his accidental labor.