Bettor Turns $1 Into Almost $700k With Outrageous Golf Parlay

bettor one dollar golf parlay


Each week it seems like some lucky person wins ‘the greatest bet of all time.’ To be fair, we’ve seen plenty of exceptional bets won this year, but this 20-leg golf parlay may in all seriousness be the greatest sports bet ever won.

Parlay bets are hard enough to hit for gamblers and one involving 20 different head-to-head golf matchups sounds impossible. Then again, the larger the parlay the larger the possible payday, so one anonymous bettor decided to pick 20 matchups at the BMW PGA Championship, place $1 on them all hitting, and won an astonishing $679,894.66 according to SportsBet.

Just to be clear here, this man turned one dollar into almost 700 THOUSAND dollars after correctly predicting TWENTY matchups.

One of the wildest facts about the bet is that the bettor took home $300k more than the actual winner of the BMW PGA Championship, Tyrrell Hatton, who earned around $400,000.

This man’s luck is clearly off the charts. I mean, a parlay involving 20 matchups had to be almost impossible to keep up with throughout the day just from a sheer volume standpoint.

As someone who has never won a large bet in their life and is far more unlucky than lucky, my word of advice for this lucky winner is to stick to the $1 parlays and to not put a dent in your winnings by riding the hot hand.