Lonzo Ball’s Big Baller Brand Booth At #ComplexCon Was Cash Only, According To This Hilarious Cardboard Sign

Life is about the simple giggles — like when Jose Canseco misspells “desert” as “dessert” in a tweet or when a reference to Mike Gundy’s mullet makes its way on College GameDay. The NBA’s Lonzo and LaVar Ball circus is no exception, with the most LOL-worthy moments in the most minute details.

This past weekend I hit up #ComplexCon, an event in Long Beach, California that’s become ComicCon for the streetwear and sneakerhead crowd. You can watch my real-time reporting on the BroBible Instagram story right now.

All the major hypebeast players were represented on the convention hall floor: adidas, Union x Jordans, Undefeated, Nike, Puma, Foot Locker, BAIT, Bodega, Billionaire Boys Club, etc etc. Also present: Lonzo Ball’s notorious BIG BALLER BRAND, a “lifestyle apparel company” that Lavar Ball once called “a billion dollar brand” despite only selling 210 “signature” sneakers at $495 a pop at launch (…no word on how the 4th of July release did).

Yesterday on the ComplexCon floor, I swung by the BIG BALLER BRAND booth to peep the the $500 kicks. The thing that stood out wasn’t the shoes themselves — Rather, a big cardboard sign by the register with the words “CASH ONLY” written in black marker. Because apparently Big Baller Brand isn’t down with modern forms of payment processing, despite being the biggest thing to happen to sneakers since Phil Knight melted rubber soles with a waffle iron…

Lavar Ball in May 2017: “We’re a $3 billion brand… We’re Prada and Gucci

Literally everyone: “Sure…”


It’s the simple things in life. Maybe those shoes will be a collectors item with crazy resell value someday? Not sure if I’m willing to throw the Ball family $500 in cash to invest my chances…


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