One Of The Biggest Ass Whuppings In College Lacrosse History Went Down This Weekend

There’s hurting, poundings, whippings, and then there’s what Simon Fraser Men’s Lacrosse did to Washington State University.

It’s a story best told by the team’s poor social media manager, who I hope is icing his carpals today.

11-0 in the first quarter! Some teams might ease off the gas pedal. Not Simon Fraser.

They scored 24 in the first half!

(Timeout was very necessary there. Don’t want Simon Fraser to keep that momentum going).

Damn. That is an ass whupping

Simon Fraser ain’t even good! They are in last, last in the Pacific Northwest Collegiate Lacrosse League. In fact, the team they stomped is higher, having only two conference loses to Fraser’s three.

(Also, I think this is club lax but whatever. Lax is lax, Bros.)