Big Ten Football Players Have A List Of Demands For The 2020 Season

big ten players demands football season

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On the same day the Big Ten announced its 2020 college football schedule, more than 1,000 football players released a list of demands it has for both the conference and the NCAA.

In a story titled ‘#BigTenUnited’ in The Player’s Tribune, the group of players made it apparent that they have concerns about the health and safety protocols in place the NCAA has put forth regarding the coronavirus. The players called the NCAA to “devise a comprehensive plan to ensure the safety and well-being of players” both leading up to and during the upcoming college football season.

Players being tested at least twice per week and on gamedays is among the many requests which also include all medical expenses related to the virus be covered by the school/NCAA. Players also want their families to be able to watch them on TV, so giving family members free access to the Big Ten Network was also listed as a demand.

The Big Ten isn’t the only conference in which players are voicing their concerns and putting forth a list of demands for the upcoming season. Hundreds of Pac-12 football players recently announced that they will sit out the season unless the conference agrees to meet several of their demands regarding health and safety procedures as well as economic inequality.

Pac 12 players seemingly have all the bases covered in their demands, which include major salary cuts for Pac 12 commissioner Larry Scott and other executives, elimination of COVID waivers, and players receiving 50% revenue sharing.