Meet the Biggest Douchebag Bandwagon Fan In Sports History

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Being a Philadelphia sports fan, I don’t think I’ve ever despised someone more than this man. Like a man without a country, this Bro shows zero allegiance to one particular team, instead becoming the biggest bandwagon fan douchebag in sports history. Look at him! He’s pictured wearing Duke AND Syracuse basketball jerseys. Red Sox AND Cardinals jerseys. Oregon AND Arizona jerseys. CUBS AND CARDINALS JERSEYS (they’re rivals!!!! Somewhere, Will Leitch is having a stroke). DOES HE KNOW THAT THE RED SOX AND THE RAYS PLAY IN THE SAME DIVISON?!?!?!

This man has no allegiance to any team in particular and I hate him for it. Fuck you, dude who just happens to ride the wave of whatever home team he happens to be visiting. Anyone who actually has a favorite sports team and rides the roller coaster of emotions that comes with it should loathe him.

Until he’s been to Citifield rocking a Phillies hat, I will forever despise this man.

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[H/T: Deadspin]

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