Bill Belichick Storms Out Of Press Conference After Getting Fed Up With Reporters Asking Him Questions About Antonio Brown

Getty Image

Bill Belichick isn’t in the mood to answer any questions about Antonio Brown.

Last week, Belichick ended his weekly press conference in under four minutes after reporters began asking him about Antonio Brown’s sexual assault allegations.

This week another woman who worked for Brown accused him of making unwanted sexual advances towards her in 2017. The woman also claims that Brown sent her “intimidating” text messages after she spoke to reporters about his sexual misconduct.

Today, Belichick warned reporters that he wasn’t going to answer any questions about Brown’s off-the-field allegations. Reporters didn’t heed the warning and proceeded to bombard Belichick with questions about AB which led to him ending the press conference after three minutes.

Brown did speak to the media yesterday after ducking reporters following Sunday’s game Pats-Dolphins game but he didn’t say much.

It’s going to be interesting to see if Brown, Belichick, and the Patriots can continue dancing around the media for the rest of the season.

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