Bill Belichick Showed Up To Press Conference With A Black Eye And Everyone’s Wondering Why

Talking to the media today in preparation for his team’s game against the Kansas City Chiefs, Bill Belichick sported something that seemed to floor everyone—a fucking black eye that, per usual, the coach didn’t give too much detail on.

No joke, look at the shiner above his left eye right here!

With Belichick being so close to the vest with what happened, it led to some interesting theories from those on Twitter, and I’ve got a few idea of my own about how the Pats coach ended up with such color above his eye.

Now to my theories:

1. He partied with Gronk during the bye week and got hit by a thrown beer bottle.

2. Rex Ryan sent him one of those black eye binoculars as a joke to spy on the Chiefs during the game this weekend.

3. His wife accidentally poked him in the eye during a not so rough Belichick sex sesh on Saturday night.

4. A group of Denver Broncos fans hit him in the face with a snowball.

5. Roger Goodell finally got payback for Tom Brady’s Deflategate ruling being overturned.

Sure, those may seem a bit out there, but, who knows, they could have been the reason for Belichick walking around like someone kicked his ass in an alley.

[H/T New York Daily News]

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