Bill Belichick Explains How The Patriots Mind Warped The Texans On Chris Hogans Wide Open TD Catch

Jim Rogash/Getty Images

In a Patriots/Texans game that could have gone either way on Sunday, the W was earned by the team that just made one or two more plays. The Patriots bested the Texans 36-33 in a nail-biter capped off by a 25-yard go-ahead touchdown to Brandin Cooks with just 30 seconds left.

Before the half, with the Patriots trailing, Brady lobbed a 47-yard touchdown to Chris Hogan without a Texans defender in sight. This play helped the Patriots go into the half with a 21-20 lead and ultimately helped them advance to 2-1 on the season. It has been revealed that Patriots offensive coordinator Josh McDaniels came up with the play idea after eavesdropping on some Texans defenders from the sideline.

I’ll let Bill Belichick explain it from here…

Mind fuck like ya read about.

[h/t SB Nation]