Bill Belichick Just Keeps Repeating ‘Seattle’ Over And Over Again To Avoid Trump Letter Question

by 1 year ago

You can say whatever you want about Bill Belichick but this motherfucker knows how to stay on message. You want to ask him a question about the love letter he wrote to Donald Trump? SEATTLE. You want to keep prying him about if he thinks said letter is going to be a distraction to his team? SEATTLE. You want to talk about Gisele Bundchen disavowing Trump? SEATTLE. You want to ask him what he ate for breakfast? SEATTLE. You want to continue trying to crack and uncrackable nut? SEA-FUCKING-ATTLE.

Of course Bill Belichick knows that this clip and this response are going to go viral, but so would anything he said if he actually answered it truthfully. It’s a lose-lose situation and it’s better to lose this way than having to explain his undying political love for Donald Trump.

To be fair, he address the letter earlier in the presser, saying it was not about politics, but about friendship. Guess he wasn’t interested in follow-up questions, only SEATTLE.

[H/T The Big Lead]

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