Bill Belichick Is A Football Genius, But He’s A Dumbass When It Comes To Social Media

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He has four Super Bowl rings as a head coach, has established himself as one of the best football minds in NFL history and has turned a former sixth-round castoff into one of the most accomplished quarterbacks ever, but New England Patriots head coach Bill Belichick isn’t in-tune with what the kids in the world are up to.

But, really, are any of us surprised?

During his press conference this morning, Billy Boy showed a little bit of humor—and a lot of age—when he caught a reporter on his phone and responded with a, “What were you, on SnapFace there or whatever you’re talking about?”

Of course, there’s no way in hell that Belichick, who has repeatedly botched social media sites before by referring to them as SnapFace, MyFace, InstantFace and Yearbook, doesn’t know the names of the exact same outlets that his players are using EVERY SINGLE DAY!

Or, maybe he’s just a trolling us all and actually does have a very bad sense of humor?

Belichick might be the grumpiest old man on the planet, so playing around on an app could loosen him up a bit. I mean, who knows, “SnapFace” could be the new way to record opponents’ plays, coach!

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