Is a Pissed Off Bill Clinton Why Qatar’s 2022 World Cup Bid Is in Jeopardy?

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A recent Sunday Times investigation claims the sole reason Qatar won the right to host the 2022 World Cup was because the Middle Eastern nation bribed the shit out of everyone involved.

The paper unearthed email documents which prove a Qatari official made over $5 million in payments to FIFA officials preceding the vote. Qatar claims the man, Mohamed bin Hammam, had no ties to the bid, but lol okay.

Now, everyone is wondering who could be the Sunday Times’ source. According to a story in The Telegraph, it may very well be a mad as fuck ex-U.S. president.

Bill Clinton looked anything but happy as he strode into the Savoy Baur en Ville hotel in Zurich in December 2010. The receptionists could tell he was irritated, but had no idea just how angry he was.

After closing the door to his suite, he reached for an ornament on a table and threw it at a wall mirror in a fit of rage, shattering the glass.

CLINTON SMASH. He had a right to be ticked off. The Bill had spent the previous two years glad handing and schmoozing VIPs as the face of America’s bid for the 2022 tournament. Then, he lost to a huge underdog.

Australia and Japan’s bids had seemed the biggest threat, but few had seriously entertained the idea that Qatar, a footballing desert, could win.

“Clinton was fuming,” said one well-placed source. “He felt humiliated and felt the decision did not make sense.”

It sounds like Bill didn’t sit idly by.

In the wake of Qatar’s victory, the US and Australian governing bodies, or sources close to them, each hired teams of private detectives who have worked behind the scenes since, interviewing witnesses and obtaining documents in the search for what they were certain was the hidden truth about the motives of Fifa members in voting for Qatar.

Whether there is any connection between these investigations and the leak of documents to The Sunday Times is unclear, but Australia and the US have most to gain if Qatar is stripped of the World Cup.

Oh, come on. I know a newspaper can’t speculate, but that’s exactly how this worked. Clinton’s got money, Clinton’s got reach. He’s got balls and he’s heated. He definitely leaked this shit. Like the boss that he is.

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