Bills Want Star Quarterback Josh Allen To Begin Taking Fewer Hits

Josh Allen

Icon Sportswire/Getty Images

Buffalo Bills head coach Sean McDermott has expressed concern about the health of star quarterback Josh Allen, stating that he wants him to begin taking fewer hits during games.

McDermott spoke candidly about the issue on Saturday in a sit down with NFL Network’s Judy Battista, stating the following about Allen taking so many hits: “I don’t think that’s a healthy way to play quarterback in this league and it’s undefeated that things are going to happen when you play that style.” He went on to explain that while they cannot completely eliminate the risk of injury, they need to find a way to make Allen’s style of play more sustainable.

The concern is well-founded, as data from the league shows that Allen was hit on 66 percent of his down-field rushes in 2022. This type of constant physical contact puts him at risk of serious injury, which was demonstrated last season when he suffered an elbow injury that affected his performance.

McDermott acknowledged that Allen’s rushing ability is one of the things that makes him special, but he emphasized that it’s time for the quarterback to make an adjustment.

However, it remains to be seen whether Allen will be able to make the necessary changes to his playing style. His reckless abandon rushing has been a major factor in his success as a quarterback, and it’s also one of the main reasons why he’s consistently ranked among the top two QBs in fantasy football.

Allen will turn 27 later this year, which means that he’s likely approaching the stage in his career where he needs to start taking steps to protect himself from injury. McDermott’s comments suggest that the Bills coaching staff is aware of this and is working with Allen to find a way to strike a balance between his natural instincts as a player and the need to keep him healthy.

Fans and analysts will be keeping a close eye on Allen’s performance in the upcoming season to see if he’s able to successfully make the necessary adjustments. It’s clear that he has the talent and ability to be a dominant force in the NFL, but he’ll need to be careful about putting himself in harm’s way if he wants to achieve long-term success.