A Bills Mafia Fan Celebrated Kicking Cancer’s Ass By Jumping Through A Table And Ringing The Bell

Bills Mafia Cancer Jumps Through Table


File this under things we LOVE to see. You might remember the Packers fan who celebrated beating cancer by shotgunning a Busch Light in the hospital a few weeks ago. Well, a proud member of Bills Mafia celebrated his final chemo treatment in similar fashion, but as only a Buffalonian can.

After a five-month battle with the disease, Victor Neilson took his opportunity to ring the bell to the next level. In true Bills fan fashion, he donned his finest Zubaz pants and Tremaine Edmunds jersey, threw on a helmet and sent himself flying through a spray-painted table, effectively smashing cancer.

Neilson, who finished his treatment at the Vanderbilt University Oncology Center in Tennessee, is absolutely crushing it right now. Not only is he cancer-free, but his favorite team is set to compete in the AFC Championship for the first time since 1994 with a chance to win their first Super Bowl ever.

“GLORIOUS DAY TODAY!” he said on Instagram. “Many may not have known, but I have been battling Cancer over the past 5 months. Through all the prayers and support, I have prevailed. I got to ring the bell today, Bills Mafia Style. I am officially cancer free. Thanks to all for the prayers and support. Couldn’t have done it without you. GO BILLS, BEAT THEM CHIEFS!!”

With what appears to be his friends and family in attendance, Neilson rings the bell with his son, climbs the ladder and jumps like a true champion. And a true champion he is. Now if only his team can get it done on Sunday.