Report: Bills WR Stefon Diggs Is ‘Frustrated’ With Role In The Offense, ‘Stormed Out’ Of Locker Room

Stefon Diggs

Adam Glanzman/Getty Image

Buffalo Bills star wide receiver Stefon Diggs has reportedly expressed frustration with his role in the team’s offense and his input in play-calling, according to Boston Globes’ Ben Volin.

A source close to the Bills’ locker room tells Volin that Diggs was noticeably agitated with quarterback Josh Allen during the Bills’ playoff loss to the Cincinnati Bengals last season.

Following the defeat, Diggs allegedly “stormed out of the locker room,” displaying his discontent.

The drama surrounding Diggs continued during the Bills’ mandatory minicamp when the receiver was conspicuously absent on the first day.

Bills coach Sean McDermott expressed he’s “very concerned” over Diggs’ absence, further fueling speculation about the situation.

Diggs however returned to camp the next day, with McDermott clarifying that his absence had been excused. Nonetheless, this development raised more questions than it provided answers.

Volin’s report shed light on Diggs’ recent frustration, attributing it to his role in the offense and his lack of influence in play-calling decisions. It appears that Diggs feels dissatisfied with how he is being utilized within the team’s offensive scheme.

The receiver’s absence from the minicamp was reportedly linked to this frustration.

Although both the Bills and Diggs have attempted to downplay the situation and dismiss any concerns, the lingering questions surrounding Diggs’ dissatisfaction threaten to become a distraction as the upcoming season approaches.

The Buffalo Bills have set their sights on a Super Bowl run, but this recent turmoil adds an element of uncertainty to their aspirations. For the team to succeed, it is crucial that Allen, Diggs, the coaching staff, and the entire offense find common ground and work together seamlessly.

The success of the team’s Super Bowl ambitions may hinge not only on their physical abilities but also on their ability to maintain harmony and resolve internal issues.