Bills WR Stefon Diggs, Last Seen Yelling At Josh Allen In A Playoff Game, Is A No-Show At Minicamp

Stefon Diggs Josh Allen

Michael Reaves/Getty Image

Buffalo Bills star wide receiver Stefon Diggs decided to skip the team’s mandatory minicamp on Tuesday.

Head coach Sean McDermott expressed he’s: “Very concerned.” over Diggs’ absence, raising eyebrows and sparking speculation about the reasons behind the player’s decision to stay away.

Diggs, who is set to earn a substantial $24.415 million in 2023, including a $22.745 million signing bonus as part of a recent contract restructuring, finds himself in a unique situation.

The hefty dead cap associated with his contract makes it difficult for the Bills to trade him, making his absence all the more significant.

Normally, when a player misses mandatory activities such as minicamp, financial motivations are often the driving force. However, in Diggs’ case, financial concerns seem unlikely given that he signed a lucrative four-year, $96 million extension just last offseason.

Diggs had already raised some eyebrows when he skipped voluntary Organized Team Activities earlier in the offseason. While some argued that voluntary work is not cause for alarm, his absence from mandatory minicamp has now amplified concerns within the Bills organization.

Coach McDermott’s publicly expressing he’s worried indicates that Diggs’ absence is being taken seriously by the team.

The star receiver’s absence raises questions about his relationship with the team, particularly in light of his outburst directed at quarterback Josh Allen during the Bills’ playoff loss to the Cincinnati Bengals in January. Diggs was seen berating Allen on the sideline after an incomplete pass on fourth down.

This incident left the Bills in a precarious situation, as they lack much depth at the wide receiver position behind Diggs.

With the situation unfolding, it remains unclear whether Diggs’ absence is a temporary issue or a sign of a more significant problem between him and the team.

The success of the team in the upcoming season could hinge on mending the relationship between Diggs and the organization, as well as finding solutions to the wide receiver depth problem.