Binghamton Mets New Team Name Could Be Gobblers, Rumble Ponies, Or Stud Muffins Because Minor League Baseball Is Bizarre As Balls

For all you non-Mets fans out there, the New York Mets have a minor league baseball class AA affiliate located in Binghamton, New York. The team’s name is the Binghamton Mets. Super boring. But, there’s an online poll where anyone can vote for the team’s new name, which will take effect next season.

When the team announced they would be changing the name, there were more than 1,500 ideas submitted. Now, the choices are down to six finalists:

  1. Bullheads
  2. Gobblers
  3. Rocking Horses
  4. Rumble Ponies
  5. Stud Muffins
  6. Timber Jockeys

Apparently, Binghamton is the Carousel Capital of the World, which would explain the horses and ponies. The bullhead is a local fish that probably looks and tastes as awesome as it sounds. ‘Gobblers’ refers to the wild turkeys of the region. I wouldn’t mind seeing this, so they can celebrate Wild Turkey night where people can bring wild turkeys into the ballpark, but also drink shots of Wild Turkey whenever there’s a strikeout. That’s when I drank it. Whenever I struck out at the bar.

One sad side effect of the name change will be the team’s mascot getting terminated. Buddy the Bee will wave bye-bye. Can’t wait to see what the mascot is if the team becomes the Stud Muffins. Will it be a baked good with bulging biceps or will it be a Chippendale’s dancer wearing a chef hat? Minor league baseball is amazeballs. They just don’t give a f*ck.

According to a team rep, one fan suggested “Baseball Players” as one of the names. I mean, it’s not that much worse than “Mets”, which is short for Metropolitans, which is literally just people who live in the metropolitan area.

You can vote for the new team name here.

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