Bishop Sycamore Player Got Injured During Game And ESPN Had No Idea Who He Was Because He Wasn’t On The Roster

Bishop Sycamore

The saga of Bishop Sycamore, the controversial online charter school that appears to have dupded ESPN into airing their game on national TV, has gone insanely viral over the week.

During their game against IMG academy that aired on Friday night, several questions were raised about Bishop Sycamore and their roster by ESPN announcers calling the game who said they couldn’t verify any of the outlandish claims made by the school.

“Bishop Sycamore told us they had a number of Division I prospects on their roster, and to be frank, a lot of that, we could not verify. They did not show up in our database, they did not show up in the databases of other recruiting services. So, okay, that’s what you’re telling us, fine, that’s how we take it in. From what we’ve seen so far, this is not a fair fight, and there’s got to be a point where you’re worried about health and safety.”

At one point in the game, a Bishop Sycamore player got injured and ESPN’s announcers had no idea who he was because he wasn’t listed on the team’s roster list given to the network.

“We have an injured player for Bishop Sycamore is No. 54. We do not have a No. 54 for the rosetr that was given.

ESPN went on to blame Paragon Marketing Group, the third party who booked the game, for the Bishop Sycamore drama.

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