LA Chargers Defensive Tackle Corey Liuget Catches Massive Kingfish And Sailfish On Epic Fishing Trip

by 3 months ago
BlacktipH Fishing Corey Liuget Kingfish Sailfish

BlacktipH / YouTube

We’re now two weeks in the NFL offseason and there’s still A LONG time left before anyone gets to watch football again on Sundays. What do we do in the meantime? Well, right now we’re going to get to know Los Angeles Chargers defensive tackle Corey Liuget a little bit better.

Corey recently went out fishing with Josh from BlacktipH, the largest fishing channel on YouTube. Nobody in Southeast Florida slays fish quite like Josh does, and he was able to get Corey Liuget on some MASSIVE kingfish in no time at all. After that, they got a sailfish in the boat. If you’re not a Floridian and/or don’t follow the Florida fishing season then all you need to know is the sailfish bite off of South Florida has been off the charts in the past month.

I’ve only caught two Atlantic Sailfish in my life (I know, I’m slackin’) but neither of them was as meaty as the one you’ll see Corey catch in this excellent Florida Winter fishing video:

If you’re not subscribed to the BlacktipH Channel on YouTube just follow that link. It’s the best saltwater fishing action that you’re going to find anywhere online. Some of his epic recent videos include an hour-long fight with a massive Mako Shark and this 1,000-pound Tiger Shark he caught in The Bahamas.

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