You Won’t Believe How Much Money Blake Martinez Makes Selling Pokémon Cards

Blake Martinez

Getty Image / Cooper Neill

It’s well-known now how involved Blake Martinez is with Pokémon cards. He made collecting and selling them his side hustle at the beginning of the pandemic.

Since then, he’s created a company and has left football to put his full attention into his side hustle turned business.

With that said, Blake Martinez is apparently making crazy money selling Pokémon cards.

According to CNBC, the former linebacker made over a whopping $5 million in just a seven-month time span.

Trading cards were given new life recently. Not only are Pokémon cards wildly popular, but so are sports cards. Even so, it sounds like Blake Martinez is out here living his best life by just buying/selling cards.

It’s gotten so big that he created a business called Blake’s Break where he has 15 contract employees working for him. Who knew that Pokémon cards could lead to so much success?

If I had known this I never would’ve gotten rid of my collection as a kid.

Even so, it sounds like you need to have a good chunk of money to even get into the game. Especially considering Blake Martinez bought a box set for $30,000, per CNBC.

“He started buying more boxes, paying tens of thousands of dollars for 36 packs of cards at a time. On live video streams on Whatnot — a platform in which he’d previously invested, back in 2019 — he opened the boxes for viewers and auctioned the cards off one by one.”

Considering the money Blake Martinez is making, it’s no wonder he left football for Pokémon cards.