WWE Legend Bob Backlund Is 66 And His Ab Workout On An Escalator Shows His Core Strength Is Ridiculous For A Guy His Age


On the left is former WWF World Heavyweight Champion Bob Backlund, at the time a 65-year-old ambassador for the WWE at WrestleMania. On the right is me, at the time a 37-year-old writer about to go back to the buffet a third time while covering WrestleMania at Levi’s Stadium.

Mr. Backlund snuck up behind me and startled me with his loud voice, his insane vice grip of a handshake and because his front tooth was missing but gave zero fucks about that fact. Backlund has always been crazy strong and fictionally crazy. In real life, he’s an incredibly well-spoken guy and nice guy but the act is convincing as hell.

Backlund has been popping up on Raw the last few weeks in pre-taped segments with WWE Superstar Darren Young. Backlund is mentoring Young in an effort to “Make Darren Young Great Again.” Young tossed this video up on Twitter today of Coach Backlund attempting to get Young into the physical shape of a 66-year-old man with some escalator ab exercises.

Backlund hasn’t lost one ounce of strength from his wrestling days. Just a couple of teeth and a couple of marbles.

[via With Spandex]