Bob Costas Rapped Ludacris Lyrics Last Night, and It Was Wonderful

Don't sell your self short, Bob. You've made a far deeper impact in the world of rap than just that one 2003 song. I was able to find three other instances where you've been name dropped. At this point, you're a true Triple-OG.

“The Last Huzzah” – Danny Brown, Das Racist, Despot, El-P

“Don't love the game, shot clocking above the game/Ballers and shotcallers be calling me Bob Costas”

“We Major” – Domo Genesis

“Rasta; but no dread-head, I'm too proper/I'm breaking down the game for you niggas like Bob Costas”

“I Get Down” – Shad

“While imposters talk and jock like Bob Costas/This colossus is so pompous its preposterous”

And, of course, the original.

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