Warriors Reign May Finally Be Over After GM Bob Myers Makes Big Announcement

Warriors former GM Bob Myers

Getty Image / San Francisco Chronicle/Hearst Newspapers via Getty Images

The Golden State Warriors playoff run ended quickly after they were bounced out by the Los Angeles Lakers in the second round.

Many speculate some big changes are on the way for this franchise as they hope to form a championship roster sooner, rather than later.

Well, the first move has officially been made after Bob Myers, the Warriors’ general manager, made a big announcement.

According to Adrian Wojnarowski, Myers is officially stepping down as the Warriors’ GM. Woj reports that Bob Myers claims that, “it’s just time,” when he was asked about his decision.

This may have been a move Warriors fans saw coming all along. The organization is facing a possible rebuild right now and Myers could be choosing to leave before things get ugly.

Despite that, opposing fans seemed to be a bit shocked by this news. Plenty of people believe the Warriors dynasty may finally come to an end with Bob Myers stepping down as GM.

Phoenix Suns fans are already recruiting Myers for the general manager job.

Was this a smart move for Bob Myers?

Some basketball fans believe Myers saved himself from an awkward situation with Draymond Green.

Some fans are calling for LeBron James to be the next GM for the Warriors.

Golden State officially enters a new era. It’ll be interesting to see what transpires in the coming months.

The Warriors must first hire a new GM. After that, there is no telling what comes next. Perhaps it’s time the roster enters a full rebuild. But it’s a bit of a shame Bob Myers won’t be there to help.