Sports Reporter Bob Ryan Rants On TV, Then Blows Up On Twitter To Show That He’s One Crazy Bastard



I learned a long, long time ago to not only have respect for my elders, but especially show appreciation and humility towards those who helped pave the way for an industry like sports journalism. In that sense, I applaud longtime Boston sports reporter Bob Ryan.

In terms of Ryan’s opinions, though? Well, that’s a different story, because the dude is a fucking nutcase!

And for those who didn’t already know that, mark January 6th, 2016 as the day you discovered that not-so little secret, as Ryan had two separate instances in which he might want to considering self-checking himself into a loony hospital.

The first epic meltdown came when Ryan was a guest on the Dan Le Batard Show, where he was asked if the Golden State Warriors’ ridiculous display of hoops both last season and so far this year—where they’ve ripped the NBA a new one—is because their former coach, Mark Jackson, is no longer with them, wondering if Jackson isn’t all that great as a coach.

Ryan’s reply was this, per Deadspin: (EDITOR’S NOTE: Ryan’s comments about Jackson begin at 7:25 mark in video)

Dude clearly doesn’t give a fuck.

So, normally, an old dude like Bob Ryan might just take the rest of the day off, maybe drink a Sam Adams up in Boston and watch a bunch of Pats highlights to prep for the NFL Playoffs, right? Well, not Bob Ryan.

This guy then decided to take to Twitter, which, for a 69-year-old man who tends to be senile, is the last thing he should have done.

Appearing to just tweet EVERYTHING he has ever saved as a draft over the past few years, Bob Ryan’s Twitter feed looked like this:

The man Ryan mentioned, John David Crow, died in June of last year! It didn’t stop there, with these gems popping up, too.

Let’s not forget about Ryan congratulating Northeastern men’s hoops on reaching LAST YEAR’s NCAA Tournament.

Or how he tweeted about former Red Sox pitcher Josh Beckett being tease… you know, nine years too late.

And, of course, just some lasting wisdom from our Uncle Bobby.

If yo… fuck it, if Bob Ryan doesn’t fucking care to finish that thought, neither do I.

[H/T Deadspin and Deadspin]

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