I Think I Cracked 4 Ribs Just Watching This BONE-CRUSHING Hockey Hit

Are you starving for some hockey action, but you know that the NHL season doesn’t start for another 24 days? Well you’re in luck because we have some hockey action for you! While it’s not from the NHL, it is spectacular.

In case you missed this Supreme Hockey League game and forgot to DVR it, we have the lone highlight.

Ever wonder why you shouldn’t ever skate passed the blue line with your head down? Because you can get paralyzed by a beastly savage hit if you skate passed the blue line with your head down.


I don’t know how that guy’s head didn’t pop off.

He dead.

To add insult to life-threatening injury, the poor fuck probably snapped his neck when he slammed to the ice.

At least his face broke the fall.